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The practice of family law requires a unique ability to provide sound legal counsel in the midst of emotional situations. When the stress level is high, you need an experienced family law attorney who will help you make decisions that serve your long-term best interests.

With extensive legal experience, the law office of Stuart Wiliams offers a wide range of family law and expungement law experience, based in Bel Air, MD.

The law office of Stuart E. Williams in Bel Air, MD will protect your legal rights.

Business Law

Child Custody

We understand the importance of developing a custody agreement that protects your child’s welfare and your legal rights.

International Law

Child Custody Modification

If you have an unfair ruling, a legal modification can help you correct it.

International Law

Child Support Modification Attorney

When a child support ruling that overly burdens one parent or does not provide enough for your child.

International Law


There are many facets to the divorce or separation process. Let us help you understand and navigate them smoothly.

International Law

Child Visitation

To get adequate visitation rights for your child, you need a caring and experienced family law attorney.

Business Law

Child Visitation Modification

If you are looking to modify visitation rights to see your child, or remove visitation rights, we’ll help you navigate the process.