Child custody discussions can be daunting for families, as emotion can often cloud the desire for what’s best for the child. Here are some tips on how to best prepare for the conversation ahead.


Prioritizing the child’s needs


Schooling – uprooting a child from schooling is extremely impactful on their development. Starting at new schools can always be a challenge, and while it can be a good experience, not all children acclimate well. Take this into consideration when discussing custody rights. Also, if there’s any sort of extracurriculars they are involved with, be sure to account for those as well.


What can I do?


Here are a few things to consider on your end.


Documents- to avoid any last-minute issues, prepare required documents ahead of time. Organizational stress is something that comes up a great deal later in the process of child custody discussions. Avoid this stress and prepare with outside counsel if possible.


Court appearance – This can go a long way if custody has raised tension. Dressing properly, having the correct courtroom etiquette, and coming prepared can go a long way. These appearances can be the difference maker that sets your position apart, which is why they are so crucial in the time you take beforehand.


Get prepared today. Contact us and we’ll find a time for a consultation to get your documents prepared, provide you professional advice, and mediate the negotiations/discussions.