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At the heart of most civil claims is negligence, or failure to take reasonable care, resulting in property damage or injuries. A qualified civil law attorney is experienced in handling these specific cases.

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There are two main types of lawsuits that exist: civil and criminal. A civil case often serves to provide reparation to injured victims of accidents, while a criminal case aims to convict and penalize wrongdoers. Civil lawsuits generally deal with torts (wrongful acts) or contracts. At the heart of most civil claims is negligence, or failure to take reasonable care, resulting in property damage or injuries.

To have grounds for a civil case in Harford County, MD and Cecil County, MD you need four main elements:

The defendant owed you a duty of care.

In an employer harassment claim, for example, the employer would owe duties of care to employees, such as providing a safe workplace environment. Duties of care will vary according to the circumstances and the relationship between the defendant and plaintiff.

The defendant breached his/her/its duties of care to you.

A breach of duty can be any action or lack thereof that falls outside the realm of duty. Breaches can take the form of negligence, recklessness, carelessness, or intent to harm.

The defendant's actions were the direct cause of the accident in question.

For example, you would not have experienced police brutality were it not for the officer’s failure to behave appropriately on the job.

You experienced real damages as a result.

Real damages can include personal injuries, financial losses, lost wages, property damage, and pain and suffering.

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Civil Case Examples

At The Law Office of Stuart E. Williams, your civil case will be handled by an experienced civil law attorney in Bel Air, MD. The following are a few examples of civil cases that could arise in Harford County, MD and Cecil County, MD:

Breach of contract claim

A breach of contract refers to one party’s failure to uphold some term of a contract, whether written or oral. Failing to deliver goods on time, breaking a noncompete agreement, and acting against the terms of a contract are all examples of breaches.

Tort claims, or personal injury claims

These claims arise when one person’s negligence or recklessness causes another person’s injuries. Common civil tort claims involve car accidents, slip and fall accidents, dog attacks, elevator/escalator accidents, medical malpractice, burn injuries, and defective products.

Discrimination claims and harassment lawsuits

Forms of tort claims that deal mainly with employment laws. If an employer discriminates against an employee or job applicant based on a protected class such as race or gender, the employee could have a lawsuit. Harassing an employee until the workplace is inhospitable is another reason for a claim.

Unlawful arrest/detainment

Police officers have a duty to respect your constitutional rights during an arrest, detainment, and questioning. Police brutality, unlawful arrest, and other infringements could result in a civil claim against the police officer if it results in harm to the individual.

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